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Anaqsim Release 2023-1, New Partnership with Yellow Sub Hydro

In the past year, Fitts Geosolutions (USA) has teamed up with Yellow Sub Hydro (UK) to work on Anaqsim jointly.  This is the first release resulting from that joint effort.  This release includes many new improvements in computational performance and in outputs:

  • Parallel processing of matrix coefficients during the solve algorithm at each timestep. This significantly reduces the time to solve.  The speed increase varies with the composition of the model.
  • Output to a csv file is an added option for majority of outputs under the ‘Analysis’ Menu, and when running automated from command line.
  • Batch processing option from command line which avoids the user interface from opening if running in fully automated mode.

Please see the release notes for a full list of new features. 

As in all previous releases, users with current licenses can upgrade to this new release without affecting their license.  The new release download and additional information is available at anaqsim.com.

Recent Anaqsim users are eligible for steep discounts in the purchase of new Anaqsim activations.