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By default, Anaqsim is free and unlicensed. If you purchase activations and activate a license, Anaqsim becomes licensed and has greater capability than unlicensed Anaqsim. 

Download Anaqsim

Unlicensed vs. Licensed Anaqsim

These are the same program, but with licensed Anaqsim, more complex models can be solved:

  • Unlicensed Anaqsim allows up to 3 levels (layers) in multi-level models, but licensed Anaqsim allows up to 15.
  • Unlicensed Anaqsim allows up to 2 time periods in transient models, but the number of periods in licensed Anaqsim is unlimited.
  • Unlicensed Anaqsim allows up to 5 time steps per period in transient models, but licensed Anaqsim allows up to 20.
  • Unlicensed Anaqsim allows up to 2000 equations, but with licensed Anaqsim the number of equations is only limited by the computer’s operating system or memory amount, and 40,000+ equations are possible.

Running Anaqsim

Run Anaqsim from the Start menu on your computer.  When you first run Anaqsim , it may take a few seconds for the program to load because, like all .net programs, there is a final just-in-time compile step.  This delay only occurs once, though.

Getting Started

Become familiar with Anaqsim by reading through the first sections of the User Guide, which is available from within Anaqsim (Help menu) or from the computer’s Start menu (Anaqsim/User Guide).  At a minimum, read from the Introduction through the User Interface section, and review the instructional tutorials.  The rest of the User Guide gives detailed instructions about the menu system and user interface.

Licensing Anaqsim

With this licensing scheme, you purchase a set number of activations.  Each activation creates a valid license on a particular computer that is valid for one year from the date of activation.  You may use the activations at any time – there is no time limit for when you exercise an activation.

  1. Install and run Anaqsim.
  2. Select License Key Activation Status and enter your activation key code when prompted and then press OK. The activation key code was sent to the purchaser in an email at the time of purchase. Anaqsim will print the status of the activation key code.  If your activation key code still has available activations, proceed with the following steps.
  3. Select Activate License on this Computer and enter your activation key code when prompted and then press OK. This creates a license valid for one year on this computer.
  4. After activation, check the license on the computer by selecting License/License Status this Computer. The license expiration date should be printed to the run log.  Anaqsim is fully functional on this computer until the license expires.

Updating to a new release

When you update to a newer release, uninstall the earlier release first, then install the new release in the same path. Your computer’s license will still be valid after the uninstall and install operations.