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Journal Articles on Anaqsim’s Methods


Fitts, C. R. (2018) Modeling Dewatered Domains in Multilayer Analytic Element Models, Groundwater, 56 (3), 567-561, https://doi.org/10.1111/gwat.12645. (covers the approach for handling dewatered unconfined and interface domains)

Fitts, C.R , J. Godwin, K. Feiner, C. McLane, and S. Mullendore (2015) Analytic Element Modeling of Steady Interface Flow in Multilayer Aquifers Using AnAqSim, Groundwater, 53 (3), 432–439, https://doi.org/10.1111/gwat.12225 (covers the methods used for fresh-salt interface flow in AnAqSim and how to assign shoreline boundary conditions)

Fitts, C.R. (2010), Modeling Aquifer Systems with Analytic Elements and Subdomains, Water Resources Research, 46, W07521, doi:10.1029/2009WR008331. (an overview of the subdomain analytic element method employed in AnAqSim)

Fitts, C.R. (2006), Exact Solution for Two-Dimensional Flow to a Well in an Anisotropic Domain, Groundwater, 44(1), 99-101. (solution for a well in an anisotropic domain, used in AnAqSim well elements)

Jankovic, I., and R. Barnes (1999), High‐order line elements in modeling two‐dimensional groundwater flow, Journal of Hydrology, 226, 211–223. (high-order line elements similar to those employed in AnAqSim line boundaries)

Strack, O., and I. Jankovic (1999), A multi‐quadric area‐sink for analytic element modeling of groundwater flow, Journal of Hydrology, 226, 188–196. (multi-quadric area sink elements similar to those employed in AnAqSim spatially-variable area sinks)

Strack, O.D.L. (1984)  Three-Dimensional Streamlines in Dupuit-Forchheimer Models, Water Resources Research, 20(7), 812-822. (3-D pathline tracing logic used in AnAqSim)


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Books on the Analytic Element Method


Fitts, C.R. (2012) Groundwater Science, 2nd ed. Academic Press (Elsevier) San Diego, California. (Chapter 9 gives an overview of AEM as well as FDM and FEM)

Haitjema, H. (1995) Analytic Element Modeling of Groundwater Flow. Academic Press (Elsevier) San Diego, California. (a distillation of Strack’s 1989 book but more application-oriented)

Steward, D. R (2020) Analytic Element Method, Complex Interactions of Boundaries and Interfaces, Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. (focused on AEM mathematics and how solutions are derived)

Strack, O.D.L. (2017) Analytical Groundwater Mechanics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. (a leaner version of Strack (1989) with a few new sections)

Strack, O.D.L. (1989) Groundwater Mechanics. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. (a thorough mathematical treatise on the analytic element method by the founder of the method, but lacks some recent developments)