There is one AnAqSim installer for 32-bit Windows operating systems and one for 64-bit Windows operating systems.  32-bit AnAqSim and AnAqSimEDU will run on either 32-bit or 64-bit systems. 64-bit AnAqSim requires a 64-bit system. AnAqSimEDU is a free, unlicensed educational 32-bit version that has limited capabilities compared to AnAqSim.  To download an installation file to your computer, click on one of the following links.  Once downloaded, open the file to run the installation.  AnAqSimEDU and AnAqSim require the Microsoft .net framework; if it is not already on your computer, the installer will download and install it from Microsoft’s web site before installing AnAqSim.

Download links:

AnAqSimEDU (free, unlicensed)

AnAqSim 32-bit  (requires license)

AnAqSim 64-bit (requires license)

Running AnAqSim

Run AnAqSim from the Start menu on your computer.  When you first run AnAqSim, it may take many seconds for the program to load because, like all .net programs, there is a final just-in-time compile step.  This delay only occurs once, though.

Getting Started

Once your license is established, become familiar with AnAqSim by reading through the first sections of the User Guide, which is available from within AnAqSim (Help menu) or from the computer’s Start menu (AnAqSim/User Guide).  At a minimum, read from the Introduction through the User Interface section, and review the instructional tutorials and videos.  The rest of the User Guide gives detailed instructions about the menu system and user interface.

Licensing AnAqSim

When first installed, AnAqSim is unlicensed and cannot do many critical functions until you activate a valid license.  Once you have purchased AnAqSim,  activate a license with the following steps:

  1. Install and run AnAqSim. Select Get Site Code under the License menu, which generates a computer-specific code that is needed to link the license to the computer.  This code is displayed and copied to the system clipboard.
  2. Paste the site code from the clipboard into an email to Fitts Geosolutions requesting a site key.
  3. Fitts Geosolutions will send a reply email with an attached license file named anaqsim.lcn. Save this file to the AnAqSim software directory on your computer. To help you locate this directory, select License/Display Path for License File, and the path to this directory will be printed to the run log.  You need to be logged into Windows as an Administrator user to copy this file to the software directory.
  4. After copying anaqsim.lcn to the AnAqSim software directory, check that the license file is functioning correctly by re-starting AnAqSim and selecting License/License Status. The license expiration date should be printed to the run log.
  5. AnAqSim is fully functional on this computer until the license expires.

Updating to a new release

When you update to a newer release, uninstall the earlier release first, then install the new release in the same path. The license file will still be the AnAqSim directory – it is not removed by uninstall.