AnAqSim In Depth Webinar Series

6 weekly 1-hour sessions – 17 Apr to 22 May 2019

The session content will demonstrate common AnAqSim modeling applications including mine and construction dewatering, aquifer test analysis, capture zone analysis, and remediation design.

Session 1: Single Layer Modeling – Domains and External Line Boundaries

  • Review analytic element method
  • Domains: confined, unconfined, and fresh/salt interface, and vertical plane flow
  • Defining domain extent
  • External line boundaries

Session 2: Single Layer Modeling – Wells, Recharge, and Internal Line Boundaries

  • Pumping wells
  • Well pathlines
  • Domains that dewater and rewet
  • Uniform recharge/leakage
  • Internal line boundaries

Session 3: Multi-Layer Modeling

  • 2D vs. 3D flow
  • Vertical leakage, storage, and spatially-variable area sinks (SVAS)
  • Top/bottom conditions with SVAS
  • SVAS basis point spacing and accuracy
  • Layering schemes

Session 4: Pathlines and Capture Zone Delineation

  • Pathline tracing in AnAqSim
  • Pathline options
  • Viewing and analyzing pathlines
  • Pathline tracing across boundaries
  • Delineation of water sources to wells

Session 5: Transient Modeling

  • Transient general equation and storage concepts
  • Transient inputs
  • Options for initial heads
  • Transient outputs
  • Simulations with constant initial heads

Session 6: Transient Modeling and Advanced Topics

  • Simulations with initial heads from a prior simulation
  • Transient pathlines
  • Computation considerations
  • Solution settings and convergence
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Calibration


  • Charlie Fitts, PhD, Fitts Geosolutions, author of AnAqSim and Groundwater Science, 2nd ed.
  • Charlie McLane, PhD, and Mark Kauffman, McLane Environmental, authors of flexAEM tutorials (session 4)


  • Six one-hour sessions, one per week April 17, 24 and May 1, 8, 15, 22
  • Each session offered at two times; you may attend either or both:
    • 1-2 pm Eastern Daylight (Summer) Time (5-6 pm GMT) or
    • 9-10 pm Eastern Daylight (Summer) Time (1-2 am GMT next day, good for Australian time zones)
  • Each session is a mix of lecture and demonstration, with about 10 minutes for Q&A.
  • Attend using your computer’s browser
  • Audio available via phone, if your computer lacks it
  • Free AnAqSim license for the duration of the course
  • After each session, you may work through optional exercises that are distributed with a key
  • Attendees get pdf file of each presentation with notes
  • Recordings of each session available on request, in case you miss a session
  • If you request it, a letter detailing hours of instruction for the purpose of CEU documentation.  6 hours of instruction total, if you attend all sessions.

Well Attended and Well Received

Offered three times since 2018, this series has drawn one hundred attendees.  Attendees rated the series 4 or 5 stars.


Register just one individual or multiple attendees at a discount.  Payments processed securely by PayPal using major credit cards or a PayPal account.  If you want to register more than 5 attendees, please contact Fitts Geosolutions.



















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