Consulting Qualifications

Dr. Charlie Fitts founded Fitts Geosolutions in the early 1990s, with a focus on groundwater software and consulting.  Charlie has an MS from Cornell University (Engineering Geology) and a PhD from University of Minnesota (Civil Engineering).  He worked full time in geotechnical and groundwater consulting firms during 1979-1991.  From 1991-2014, Dr. Fitts was a professor in the Geoscience department at the University of Southern Maine, serving as department chair and as associate dean in the College of Science, Technology, and Health.  He continued to work on groundwater consulting projects while at USM.  He is author of several groundwater modeling software products including Twodan, Solutrans, and AnAqSim.  He is also author of the textbook Groundwater Science, 1st ed. (2002) and 2nd ed. (2012) published by Academic Press (Elsevier).  Dr. Fitts has regularly reviewed journal articles for top groundwater journals: Water Resources Research, Groundwater, Advances in Water Resources, and Journal of Hydrology.

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Recent Projects

  • With AnAqSim, simulated a glacial sand and gravel aquifer to estimate the capture zones, zones of contributing recharge for several municipal wells, and time-of-travel to wells.
  • 3D analysis of a pumping test in a stratified aquifer with partially-penetrating pumping well and observation wells, using AnAqSim. Then used AnAqSim to simulate contaminant trajectories and compare with observed plume.
  • Assisted with construction of AnAqSim vertical plane flow models of groundwater low near a tidal channel to better understand discharge rates and patterns.
  • Participated on a review panel for the EPA regarding analysis of the Gold King Mine release to the Animas River.
  • Helped a consultant build transient AnAqSim models of a dewatering system that included four layers, dozens of well points, a sheet pile barrier and a recharge trench.  The wells, barrier and recharge trench were all partially-penetrating and 3D flow was key.
  • With AnAqSim, modeled the long term and short term transient impacts of a proposed rock quarry on local heads and discharges, as well as estimating groundwater discharges into the quarry.
  • Used AnAqSim to analyze short-term pumping tests in partially-penetrating wells.
  • Helped a consultant build an AnAqSim model of existing and proposed remediation schemes in a heterogeneous, layered aquifer.
  • Helped a consultant build an AnAqSim regional flow model of a well field in a glacial sand and gravel aquifer, for the purpose of defining impacts and capture zones.
  • Helped a consultant build an AnAqSim model of prior and proposed mine dewatering heads and discharges in an area with some existing mines and a proposed new one.
  • Analyzed numerous pumping tests to estimate aquifer parameters at contaminated sites, as background for remediation design.
  • Analyzed aquifer properties and estimated the potential yield of wells near springs in using MODFLOW simulations.
  • Analyzed two 48-hour pumping tests and created a MODFLOW model to simulate the impacts of proposed groundwater pumping on the sustainability of surface water flows in a sand and gravel aquifer.
  • Analyzed the rate of diffusion of radioactivity out of the concrete containment structure at a decommissioned nuclear power plant. Developed both analytic and finite-difference mathematical models of the diffusion.
  • Provided technical counsel related to a lawsuit involving the timing of gasoline releases and contaminant migration.
  • Testified as an expert witness in hearings regarding modeled impacts of a proposed large gravel mining operation.
  • Analyzed staged construction dewatering at a site with a braced excavation and sheet-pile cutoff wall. Used MODFLOW to model sump discharges and heads vs. time.